Hexo+ The epic autonomous drone, large scale deliveries starting this month!

Most of the drone scene is aware on the upcoming of Autonomous drones like the Hexo+ and the Lily Drone.
These drones are just amazing for unthinkable movies.
Today i just want to focus on the Hexo+ and it’s large scale delivery which starts this month.

Capable of auto-following and auto-filming the subject, the Hexo+ is designed for everyone to take amazing Hollywood-style aerial shots and videos easily. Being able to fly at a maximum speed of 70km/h, the Hexo+ can be controlled with a few simple gestures on the smartphone. Our previous Kickstarter campaign has successfully raised over 1.3 million USD, funded by more than 2,000 backers from across the world. Now we’re also taking pre-orders on our official website hexoplus.com. The large scale delivery is planned to be in September.

The above is some pretty darn good footage!
A nice read about the Hexo+ in combination with MTB biking can be red here: https://hexoplus.com/blog/mtb-passportes

The Hexo+ is one to keep in mind when shopping for a Autonomous “follow me” drone.
And looking forward to testing one out!

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