VMware Horizon Application Management Bundle End of Life and becomes App Volume Enterprise bundle + Identity Manager

The latest release of App Volumes (version 3.0) is a portfolio of integrated application and user management solutions for Horizon, Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop and RDSH virtual environments.

Some highlights of this new releases include:
  • Unified Admin Console
  • Integrated Application and User Management
  • Enhanced Enterprise Integration
  • New App Volumes Editions

For further information, visit KB Frequently Asked Questions for VMware App Volumes 3.0 (2143989).

  1. How will the release of the latest App Volumes affect existing Horizon Application Management Bundle Customers?
    All Horizon Application Management Bundle customers will be migrated to App Volumes Enterprise, which is the highest edition of App Volumes 3.0. App Volumes Enterprise does not contain Identity Manager Standard Edition (formerly Workspace Portal), which was a part of the Horizon Application Management Bundle. Customers will continue to be entitled to Identity Manager and receive support for Identity Manager for the duration of their Horizon Application Management Bundle contract, in accordance with VMware’s lifecycle policies. After their contract expires, if they wish, they can continue to get support for Identity Manager if they purchase support at an additional cost.The migration will happen automatically via the VMware customer license portal in late March. The customer will receive entitlements to App Volumes Enterprise and Identity Manager and the old Horizon Application Management Bundle keys will be removed from their portal. All manual fulfillment activities for HAM bundle are expected to be completed by May 1, 2016.In the My VMware portal, customers will receive new keys for the components including the Identity Manager and the old keys will be deactivated. App Volumes and User Environment will share a key, reducing the total key count by one. Customers will need to download the new keys and install them.


    Current State
    Future State
    Horizon Application Management Bundle
    8 Total Keys
    App Volume Enterprise bundle + Identity Manager key
    7 Total Keys
    App Volumes  2.9
    UEM Version 8.7.0ThinApp 5 Client
    ThinApp 5 Packager
    Workstation 12
    vRealize Operations Adapter for Published Apps
    vRealize Operations Manager for Published AppsIdentity Manager 2.4
    App V 3.0 and UEM 9.0 New combined key*

    New Key
    New Key
    New Key
    New Key
    New Key

    New Key

    *compliance key (for information on how to license App Volumes 3 and UEM 9 please visit KB Frequently Asked Questions for VMware App Volumes 3.0 (2143989))
    To find out more information, please visit App Volumes page.

  2. Can customers continue to purchase Horizon Application Management Bundle?
    No, the HAM bundle will be EOA’ed when App Volumes 3.0 GA’s.  In addition, the existing standalone App Volumes (which currently does not include User Environment Manager) will also be EOA’ed and replaced by App Volumes Advanced.

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