Aerialtronics introduces intelligent anti collision system



Aerialtronics has announced to introduce its new Collision Avoidance System (CAS)., A new Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) The ingenious system was developed by NXP in collaboration with the automotive industry and gives vehicles a “virtual sensor”. Aerialtronics hopes to introduce it. Revolutionary system in 2015

Intelligent Transportation System
By using this sensor can build vehicles ‘mental maps’ of factors in the environment and surrounding traffic.The new ITS system combines information from the virtual sensors in order to avoid collisions. The system is even able to communicate and interact with other airspace users. The Aerialtronics Altura models will from 2015 the first drones are equipped with this new system.

During a flight with an unmanned aerial vehicle, the pilot is fully responsible for its UAV does not come into contact with solid environmental factors (trees, posts, buildings, etc..) or other traffic (helicopters, planes, drones, etc..). While such sensor technology has been used for years in the automotive industry, there was no system for drones that takes into account environmental factors.

If it ain’s dutch…
This system of the Dutch company is able to scan the environment and at a safe distance to avoid obstacles. The Collision Avoidance System (CAS), sends the drone in a different direction once threaten. Vehicle collision By combining with the CAS system information from the sensors, the vehicle itself can assess hazard and react on time.


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