Air Dog used by Red Bull surfers. Scientists Go Surfing.


Technology: “Air Dog,” Fully Autonomous Drone

Objective: Analyze performance from a new perspective (or to give a coach a new visual perspective). Capture tight and accurate video by operating the drone by a sensor attached to the surfer.

Hypothesis: The arms race behind developing the perfectly operating autonomous drone is in full effect. The technology is out there and being fine tuned as we speak. In a day and age where footage is critical to a professional surfer’s career, Air Dog aims to make the process easier.

Experiment: Putting the system to the test, Jake paddled out with a sensor around his neck and the drone over his head.

Conclusion: The potential is great. The ability to capture quality footage at a moment’s notice without the help of a camera operator will go a long way. This technology is no longer around the corner; it’s here.

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