Ajman university students create fire-fighting drone


Students from Ajman University of Science and Technology (AUST) have designed and built a firefighting drone for Ajman Civil Defence that can provide support in rescue missions.

Called a Civil Defence Support Drone, the device has complete autopilot capability and can be dispatched to specific locations. It uses an on-board GPS to stream live video and audio from the scene of an incident to the base station. The drone is especially useful in relaying information during high-rise building fires.

Rescue teams can use the drones to track drowning victims or those lost in the desert. The device can fly for 30 minutes, is equipped with a high-end GPS, night-vision sensor and has an autonomous flight-path monitor. A Windows Phone app has been developed to receive information from the drone. Tests were carried out at Ajman Civil Defence headquarters, and authorities, professors and students participated.

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