Anti-Drone Technology Being Developed by Feds and Police


Numerous government entities in the U.S are actively associating with federal and local law enforcement agencies to create a technology that will be able to safety locate and disable unmanned aerial vehicles.

This news has arrived right in the middle of the situation when there has been a significant rise in security concerns over reckless use of drones. At the beginning of this month, there were multiple sightings of drones around John F. Kennedy International Airport, which led towards the issuance of a terror warning from the Department of Homeland Security. Such reckless usage of drone technology can disrupt the activities done by law enforcement agencies to ensure security.

There has been an increase in the concern that an inadvertent or deliberate collision of a drone may take place with an airplane, which may lead to detrimental consequences. It is absolutely necessary to avoid such a situation because the consequences may also involve loss of lives.

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