Awarded VMware EUC Champion 2018

As of today, I am both proud and honored to announce that I have been awarded VMware EUC Champion status for 2018. Currently, there are 35 EUC Champions now for 2018. Makings this a very special and unique acknowledgment from VMware.

Also my esteemed colleague Johan van Amersfoort is awarded EUC Champion status for the 3rd year in a row! Doubling the count of EUC Awesomeness at ITQ.



My goal the coming 12 months: VCDX6-DTM. Expanding my knowledge and sharing it with all who wants to read it! I congratulate all other EUC Champions with their new or renewed status!
Below more information on the EUC Champion Program. The EUC Champion Directory can be found here: Meet the Champions

So what does it mean to be awarded EUC Champion?

EUC Champions is an experts-only program designed to provide a forum where the EUC community and VMware EUC product groups come together and share new product information and ideas through in-person meetings, networking events, industry conferences, and webinars. This interaction helps ensure VMware EUC experts receive the most up-to-date information, and VMware product teams hear from industry veterans.

What are the requirements to become an EUC Champion?

Not everyone is cut out to be an EUC Champion. It takes deep VMware EUC product expertise, an ability to write about it, a willingness to voice your opinion and the talent to clearly and concisely communicate ideas. EUC Champions are respected by their peers and, most importantly, are respectful of others. Specifically, VMware looks for candidates that meet the following criteria:

  1. Member of the vExpert Program.
  2. Recognized EUC expert.
  3. Well regarded member of the greater EUC community.
  4. Recommended by EUC CHampion group member.

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