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Aerial video multicopters, or “drones” with video cameras attached, give us the ability to capture amazing views that are not possible any other way.  However, getting started in RC aerial photography can be a daunting task!  Have no fear, you’ve come to the right place!  We will teach you everything you need to know!  Whether you’re just getting into the game or are a seasoned professional, there is much to be learned.  I am teaching the total accumulation of all the knowledge I’ve gained working full time in this profession for years.  You need to know more than how to fly a remote-controlled multirotor to be successful in this industry; you need the ability to pull off cinematic shots that will impress the client.  You need to know how to fix your helicopter or replace parts.  You need to know how to run a business.  No longer do you need to search through forum after forum for information.  These tutorials and more are all here in one place!  Learn from these lessons in my flight school and become a member today!

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