DJI Announces DJI Care Protection Plan

DJI announced DJI Care, a protection plan that provides customers with peace of mind and an enhanced after-sales experience.

New and existing DJI drone owners will have the option to purchase either a six-month or one-year DJI Care protection plan that will cover damage to their aircraft, gimbal or camera under normal use and pilot error, such as drops and crashes.

“Customer experience and after-sales service are important in building a brand and strengthening our relationship with customers,” said Frank Wang, DJI Founder and CEO. “By introducing DJI Care, we want to provide our customers with peace of mind and a worry-free flight experience. This program will also encourage more people to explore aerial technology and learn about the fun and potential of flying our drones.”

Under DJI Care, coverage will be provided to models including Phantom 3 Standard, Phantom 3 4K, Phantom 3 Advanced, Phantom 3 Professional and Inspire 1, version 2.0 with X3 gimbal camera. DJI Care can be bought together with the aircraft or bought separately, with coverage starting at the time of purchase. Each protection plan is bound to the aircraft’s and camera gimbal’s serial numbers and can be transferred in the case of a change of ownership of the entire aircraft, offering flexibility to customers.

US Dollars

Aircraft Models

6-Month Plan

12-Month Plan

Coverage Amount Cap

Phantom 3 Professional




Phantom 3 Advanced




Phantom 3 Standard




Phantom 3 4K




Inspire 1 V2.0




DJI Care will provide repair credits that equal the total amount of the aircraft’s retail price at the time of purchase. The plan does not limit the number of repairs and will expire once the contract term is completed or when all repair credits are used up. The standard product warranty that comes with all aircraft will continue to cover quality issues by the manufacturer.

DJI Care will initially be available to customers in the U.S., parts of Europe and in Mainland China.

For more information or to purchase DJI care, visit Terms and conditions of the DJI Care Protection Plan can be found here:

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