DJI Inspire1 4K Drone – world’s first consumer 4K uav takes to the skies


Quadcopters are huge right now, and a good part of the reason is the work of pioneering company DJI, who were the first quad making company to produce a product which the ordinary Joe could understand and actually fly. The DJI Phantom Vision, which we reviewed back in March of this year, set the bar for flying cameras at the time, and now the company has done it again. Their newest product not only increases the specifications to almost professional videography levels, but also comes at a price which is still very aggressive for what you get.

The new DJI Inspire 1 4K Drone offers up a huge array of new and very cool features that take ‘copter cameras to a whole new level. For one thing the camera is a full 4K ultra high resolution unit, mounted on a stabilizing gimbal for clear steady footage, and now you can get a live feed of what’s being shot beamed to your phone or tablet from up to 2km away, which is amazing. The system also features twin controls, so you can couple up an additional controller to allow one person to fly and one to operate the camera, which should make for some great options on important shoots.

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