DJI Phantom 3 to be launched in April?

My Twitter pal Simon has posted a new video with some nice news.

Twitter is quick:

Date narrowed down to 8th, now, apparently…

So whilst I haven’t got any documentary proof I can share I have received information from what I consider to be a very credible source that DJI are, within the next 10 to 14 days, (my money’s on the 8th!) going to launch the Phantom 3 at an event – or events. Further details are not forthcoming, but it seems there might well be a number of versions or spec options in the range. No information on pricing or anything more concrete about new/improved features at the moment. Whether DJI will tease this in advance like they did with the Inspire 1 launch or just spring it on everyone I don’t know. Sadly I’m going to be away when this is all due to happen, so you’ll probably get to know all the gory details before I do, but at least you heard it here first… 😉

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