Dutch man who crashed drone in Yellowstone gets $3,200 fine

Man who crashed drone in Yellowstone gets $3,200 fine

The Dutch tourist who crashed a small drone into Yellowstone’s iconic hot spring last month will have to pay more than $3,200 in fines and restitution, the park’s officials announced on Thursday.

In June, the National Park Service issued a memorandum prompting parks across the country to ban drones.

Theodorus Van Vliet, whose drone is still at the bottom of the spring, pleaded guilty to violating the park ban against using drones. He is the second person to be sentenced for using a drone in Yellowstone this week. On Monday, another tourist named Andreas Meissner was sentenced to a one year ban from the park and a $1,600 fine.

A simple search on YouTube shows that they were not the only ones to use drones to take spectacular videos of Yellowstone.

Example of YellowDrone:

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