Eagles and raptor birds combat drones

Dutch security services prepare for terrorist attacks with drones. The unmanned aircraft might be capable of carrying bombs. For example, toxic gases or biological weapons and dropping this on people or buildings.

To prevent attacks by drones the police and the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security (NCTV) tested all kinds of systems to disable enemy drones. The police test can pick a drone out of the sky with the use of predator birds.

In summer, the services to present concrete proposals. Soon the House of Representatives will be briefed on the subject in private setting, says a spokesman for the NCTV.

Knowledge institute TNO investigates on behalf of the police if raptors take drones safely out off the air. The birds naturally have scales on their claws to protect them from the bite of their prey. TNO are checking whether the eagles need more protection from the drone blades.

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