Epson Moverio BT-200 How to and info.

A few how to’s and info for the Epson Moverio BT-200

Developer vs Retail:

Thanks Eric Mizufuka, The Epson Moverio Product Manager,  @WTEric for this information.

Difference is:

R (consumer/miracast OS)
– allows you to use the BT-200 as a “sink” for HDCP, Miracast devices – this includes our “AV wireless video input adapter” and many miracast enabled adapters

– Will not allow developers to connect to the device via ADB (android debug bridge)
– The SEViewer app will not allow you to install apps on the sdcard

D (developer OS)
– allows developers to connect to the device via ADB and sideload apps via the SEViewer app

– does not allow the BT-200 to act as a “sink” for Miracast enabled devices
– once on the Developer OS, cannot be reverted to the Consumer (R) OS. I’ve been told that we need to pre-install a unique HDCP “key” on both the glasses & handset that needs to be managed by Epson (at the factory). These “keys” can’t be managed securely via a remote device refresh.

Some additional notes:
1) In the US, all devices shipped with the D, or developer OS since the majority of our audience required ADB access 
2) In Japan and Europe, devices were shipped with the Consumer OS

How to check what version you’re on:

Version can be checked through [Settings]→[Device info], and [Build 
Either had build number starting with D or R.

R1.0.0 / R1.0.2 / R1.0.4
D1.0.0 / D1.0.2 / D1.0.3

Latest is D1.1.2 or R1.1.2 (as of now root guide not confirmed)

How to firmware update the Moverio:

Be sure the glasses are fully charged and hooked to the charger.
In android menu Check for updates (Settings>Device Info>System Updates)

Once you see D/R1.0.5 as the latest, download and install it.
Note: Make sure your device is charging from a wall charger before starting the update. Otherwise, you’ll have to restart the download from the beginning.
Once the device restarts and the updater says “Complete!”, manually restart the device.

If during reboot error 1 comes up just shutdown the glasses by holding the power button for 10 seconds and try again. updating might fail a few times before it goes right…

Root Guide and PlayStore installation:

Can be found here

Change Firmware from retail to developer and update developer firmware:

Check developer manual:
Download and install: SystemUpdate.apk and search for updates.
now should should be able to download developer firmware via internal updater.
Be aware, there is no way back!

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3 thoughts on “Epson Moverio BT-200 How to and info.

  1. Francois


    If you encounter the “error (1)” after the auto-reboot occurring during the system update, try to plug the glasses to the power adapter. I was connected to USB port of my PC and it was generating this error every time, until I switch the power adapter.

    I hope this will help.

    Have fun with the glasses,


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