Epson Moverio Smartbril en Drone! High Coolfactor!

Dit is wel erg cool!

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Once you have the new Moverio BT-200 Smartglasses connected to the DJI Phantom drone, you no longer have to look down at the smartphone mounted to your controller to see streaming video and control data. Overcoming a significant problem in which the display of the smartphone is virtually unreadable on a bright sunny day.

The video and control data (see example below) displayed in your Moverio Smartglasses provides a bright, streaming video image from the camera mounted on your drone. Now with Moverio BT-200 Smartglasses you have the ability to frame shots and control the camera, while never losing sight of your Phantom drone.

The Moverio BT-200 FPV goggles solution provides either an unobstructed view of your drone with the overlay of the streaming  video and control data, or an immersive FPV cockpit experience by simply affixing the provided dark tinted lens to your Smartglasses to provide an even brighter, higher contrast video image.

Don’t want to see streaming data and have a completely clear field of view? It just takes a simple tap to the side of the smartglassess to make the streaming content appear or disappear in an instant. Nothing could be easier.


There are two main components of the Moverio BT-200 smartglasses:

(1) The Smartglassess themselves consists of two miniature projectors embedded on each side of the glasses that produces a bright, video image with a wide field of view. 

(2) Powered by a touch pad control unit that runs Android 4.0 and features connectivity solutions like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The Moverio BT-200 trackpad fits perfectly in the DJI-designed holder that is used for smartphones. This means that there are no cumbersome wires, batteries, or connectors in your way. Its an elegant solution that gives the user full access to the cursor without having to look down at a phone or tablet. After pairing your Moverio BT-200 with your DJI drone you will have a heads up display (HUD) solution like no other.

Moverio BT-200 is also a true advanced Android 4 system which provides utility far beyond this amazing FPV drone experience with applications in gaming, augmented reality, and multimedia.


The setup of the new Epson Moverio BT-200 Smartglasses with the DJI Phantom drone series couldn’t be easier. First download the Android drone app onto the control unit for the Moverio BT-200. Once loaded, simply connect by Wi-fi to your Phantom drone and you should be seeing streaming video content seconds later.

Before taking lift-off, configure your Moverio BT-200 control pad to operate in landscape mode and affix it to the controller* for your DJI drone as depicted above. In extremely bright sunlight conditions you can also affix the dark tint lens provided with your glasses to see a brigther, higher contrast video image.



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