How to Upgrade the VMware Identity Manager Connector on Windows

When the cloud upgrades automagically you also need to upgrade your local connector. Here I will describe how to do this in the popular comic version with screenshots.

How to upgrade the Windows Connector.

Download the latest Windows connector from my VMware. at the moment of writing this post, it’s VMware_Identity_Manager_Connector_19.03.0.0_Installer. This process can take a while if you are running Windows Defender on the system. This lovely Anti Virus solution will take up 50% of CPU during installation…

Login to your machine where the connector is installed and start the installer.

The installer will detect that there is a previous installation and notifies you.

Here you will have to Accept the JRE upgrade too. otherwise, upgrade will fail.

Enter your service account credentials if it was installed with a AD account.

Now, wait a minute or 20… and it will be done!

There you go, you just upgraded the Windows Connector!

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