ImmersionRC Vortex 180 Mini Racing Quadcopter Review


The Vortex 180 is the newest race drone from ImmersionRC.
It’s the big brother of the popular Vortex 150, tuned for the track. The same highly-customized race-drone electronics, but with 4″ props, and custom XNova 1407-3500kV motors. The 150 was a lot of fun in confined spaces. The 180 is more at home on the track, incredibly fast and nimble, turns on a dime, and can give most 250-sized quads a run for their money. As with all members of the Vortex family, fully integrated flight controller, video transmitter, and of course a full-graphic OSD for PC-free configuration.

Coming in below 270 gram the Vortex 180 is not considered a ‘drone’ in many parts of the world. This allows the Vortex 180 Mini to be flown in many more places than its big brother the Vortex 250 Pro. Doors are opened to fly in a typical garden, or small park. A swing-set becomes a perfect power-loop target and garden furniture becomes a race gate, a new world of possibilities has just been opened up!

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I would like to thank for suppling this Vortex 180 to test, review and making me one of the first in the Netherlands to have this racer in my dutch hands. is the one stop shop for all your drone needs in the Netherlands!
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