Installing ESXi 6 on MSI X99 Raider gives Fatal Error 10 (Out of Resources)

Having fun with new Home Lab.
Tried installing ESXi 6.0 U1 and kept on failing.. On the mighty google there were notices that nvidia cards might be the issue so first i hopped to the local shop and bought an ati card. Well that ati card also failes đŸ™‚

The error that pops up during loading the installer is:

Fatal Error: 10 (Out of resources)


After some oldskool trouble shooting i found out that during install, with VT-D enabled in bios this error pops up. Disabling VT-D during install and enabling after works fine. Probably ESXI wants to install drivers for the card but fails.

The onboard sata and intel 219-v work out of the box.


Happy Labbing time.

4 thoughts on “Installing ESXi 6 on MSI X99 Raider gives Fatal Error 10 (Out of Resources)

  1. Luke Wilman

    Hi, thanks for this tip! I get same error on MSI X99A SLI PLUS, even after disabling VT-D. Please advise, did you enable or disable anything else in BIOS for install?

    1. LaurensvanDuijn Post author


      I only disabled the VT-D and installed ESXi. Then after install re-enabled it.
      What you could do is install ESXi on USB stick via Workstation/fusion and try to boot that?


  2. Ares


    i have the same mobo (like Luke wilman) and get the same fatal error 10.

    i disabled VTD opcion and did not work.

    Any diferent advise?

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