Must watch YouTube channel if you are into DJI Drones! On The Kitchen Table With Simon Newton

On the kitchen table with Simon Newton

Better be watching out also, on one of the next episodes of the kitchen table, Simon will be joined by DJI rep on a Q&A.

A DJI representative will be joining me on the kitchen table soon to answer your questions on any topic! Use this link to send in your question:

DJI employee Ed Windham, North America Forum Support, will be joining me for a half hour or so slot to answer as many of your questions as we can get through. DJI won’t be cherry picking the questions, though – I will! I’ll be getting a pool of 30 or 40 questions and getting through as many as I can in the time we have. Questions will be asked across as wide a range of subjects as possible to make sure we can cover lots in the time we have.

If the video is well-received and we get lots of questions and plenty of views then there is a possibility of this becoming a regular slot, so let’s see if we can get DJI on the kitchen table regularly.

Do follow Simon on YouTube and Twitter: @Simon_Quads

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