New VMware EUC update releases!

VMware just released some new updates on current EUC products!

VMware announced the release of Horizon 2206! 

In this release, the following products are updated.
VMware Horizon
VMware Horizon Clients
VMware App Volumes
VMware Dynamic Environment Manager

Below you will find the key updates from the release notes per product.

Horizon Server + Instant Clone

  • Instant Clone Forensics – Legal Hold Use Case
  • Horizon to support Hybrid Azure AD for unmanaged machines and full clones
  • Instant Clone pool to support multiple VM profiles per single golden image
  • Cloud infrastructure interoperability with VMC on AWS and AVS
  • Use SSO key only when necessary
  • Additional REST APIs to achieve View API / REST API parity
  • Horizon Console usability improvements
  • Improvements to sending operational data to Supercollider


  • Windows Hello for Business, LACU flow with certificates
  • WebRTC SDK, to support a variety of communication partners
  • Physical PC Win 10 Pro & Edu, no longer just Win 10 Enterprise
  • Blast Codec new default
  • HTML Access installer, critical for hot patches

App Volumes

  • Apps On Demand: File Type Associations
  • vSAN Stretched Cluster Support
  • Package Symmetry Assurance
  • Writable Volumes Migration

DEM (Dynamic Environment Manager)

  • Support for multiple NoAD config files, targeted by group membership
  • Support for customer-created App for ODB integration
  • Support for customer-defined location for the DEM license file
  • Support for copying profile archives from SMB share to ODB
  • Support for Amazon Workspaces

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Release Notes:

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