Sony / Aerosense prototype VTOL drone

flight experiment of VTOL by Aerosense.
Taking off vertically, Hovering, Fly fast Stop on the Air, and Landing vertically.

Most drones used contemporary, behave as if it were helicopters. Sony has with the AS-E-DT01 in the hands, however, a prototype of which the appearance looks more like an airplane. Partly because of the drone is able to achieve a much higher maximum speed of 170 kilometers per hour.

Nevertheless, the whole can still vertical takeoff and landing, as we have become accustomed drones.It even claims that the prototype shown up to 10 kilograms must be able to lift and that it has a battery life of more than two hours at its maximum speed.

To step into the market for drones Sony has entered into a partnership with a Japanese robotics company specializing in automatic pilots; Together they are called Aero Sense in 2020 and hope they too can achieve a turnover of roughly 80 million USD. The displayed AS-DT01-E will be focused on the business market.


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