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23:57 on the 15th of July my mailbox went loco.

Hello Laurens van Duijn, you’re going to VMworld 2019 in San Francisco! You have been selected to receive a free blogger pass to VMworld in San Francisco.

Oh yeah! I am going to VMworld 2019 US for the second year in a row. Last year in Vegas was my first US VMworld and that was amazing. Been to a few VMworld’s in Barcelona and those are a different experience then VMworld in US. But no matter which one you go to, you will come back filled with new knowledge. ideas and friends! Want to thank my employer ITQ and my Manager Bertwin for making this all possible!

My Personal Reasons to go to VMworld

  1. I love the LVL300 technical sessions. Nothing makes my technical hearth pound more.
  2. As a EUC Champion on VMworld US, there is a special NDA session with wicked information.
  3. Network with other like-minded attendees and fellow Champs!
  4. Talk to those otherwise elusive VMware Engineers. Yeah, you know who I am talking about 🙂
  5. Newest Hands-On labs are released on VMworld.
  6. Get certified! With a discount, there is no excuse not to!!
  7. Wicked break out sessions or code sessions!
  8. Hopefully again a EUC pizza/beer/sharing fest with Brian Madded! This was epic in 2018!
  9. The epic party’s!

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Why Attend VMworld?

I could write up a lot of already written text on the web by great vBro’s like:


Lenzker’s Why VMworld 2019 ? 10 Reasons Why You Should Go


Why VMworld 2018 in Vegas was the best edition ever


VMworld is…the event you don’t want to miss (and 10 reasons why you should be there)


5 things I will be looking forward to at VMworld

My Schedule for the week

The session scheduler was opened on the 16th so be quick! sessions are full like lightning hitting…
Also as a EUC Champion, we have a special NDA session for half a day. Packed with all kinds of awesome updates, speaking to engineers and so. Will do more sessions but those will be picked on the fly:)

Operationalizing and Adopting Workspace ONE for Users Lifecycle [DEE2965BU]
Using multiple components of the Workspace ONE platform, we can show how to onboard, drive adoption and even outboarding of users in your environment. Driving each part of this lifecycle will bring value to end users and departments of your company.

Casey Gill, Sr. Systems Engineer, RingCentral
Jason Walker, EUC Customer Success Architect, VMware

How to Template a Non-Persistent VDI Solution for Your Enterprise [ADV1322BU]
Learn about the key elements that make up a non-persistent VDI with a hands-on demo of creating an optimized Windows VDI image, creating a basic app stack with VMware App Volumes, and leveraging UEM for user settings persistence. This workshop will cover the basics of what it takes to create a template for various use cases in your enterprise to get started with non-persistent VDI with VMware Horizon 7 or Horizon Cloud.

Hilko Lantinga, Senior EUC Architect, VMware

HomeLab Evolution over the years. Hear from the official HomeLabKing [VMTN5002U]
HomeLab Evolution over the years. Starting small and getting really big with several vSAN Clusters, 40GbE, NVMe and other cool stuff. #HomeLabKing

Marc Huppert, Principal Architect, Computacenter AG

Unified Access Gateway: Securing Virtual Desktop and App Access [ADV1798BU]
Unified Access Gateway (UAG) provides remote access security mainly for virtualized desktops and published applications with Horizon and Workspace ONE. In this session, you’ll hear the latest updates to this important technology for both on-premises and cloud deployments. You’ll learn tips and tricks for streamlining the deployment and upgrade of UAG appliances, common pitfalls to avoid, and ensure that UAG is “production ready on first boot” in around 2 minutes.

Mark Benson, Senior Architect and Senior Staff Engineer – VMware EUC Office of the CTO, VMware
Andreano Lanusse, EUC Staff Architect, VMware

How GPU-Assisted ML for Medical Research Proved to Be a Force for Good [HBI1546BU]
What is the difference between a GPU and a CPU? Why do machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) workloads benefit greatly from utilizing GPUs for computations in bulk? In this session, we will explain the details about GPU architecture and elaborate on how VMware vSphere ESXi supports the usage of GPUs. Learn how you can benefit from GPU compute power while maintaining the virtualization abstraction layer for enhanced data center consolidation, operations, and performance using vSphere. We will go into details about a medical research institution customer case where TensorFlow-enabled DL applications are used for photo analyses to detect skin tumors/cancer. We will also talk about a GPU-enabled application that is running to extrapolate DNA sequences from a large (many TBs) data set using ML.

Johan van Amersfoort, EUC Architect / VCDX-DTM, ITQ Consultancy
Niels Hagoort, Technical Marketing Architect, VMware

Architecting Workspace ONE: The Official Reference Architecture [ADV1110BU]
The VMware End User Computing product experts that create the official reference architecture, will take you through how to design and architect a Workspace ONE environment using cloud-based or on-premises deployments. Specifically, in this session, we will cover Workspace ONE UEM, VMware Identity Manager, Workspace ONE Intelligence and Unified Access Gateway.

Graeme Gordon, Senior Staff EUC Architect, VMware
Andreano Lanusse, EUC Staff Architect, VMware

Juggling Okta, Workspace ONE, and Office 365 [UEM3675BUS]
The devices are already in your enterprise! Come learn how Pinnacle modernized and secured access to critical applications across Windows, Android and iOS with a combination of the Okta Identity Cloud and VMware Workspace ONE, and empowered employees and affiliates to use the device and access method they prefer while keeping the business safe.

Pratt Lewis, Director of IT Strategic Services, Pinnacle Financial Partners

Workspace ONE and Azure AD Integration: Deep Dive from the Trenches [DEE2023BU]
VMware Workspace ONE and Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) can be integrated to create a powerful identity and access management platform. Go beyond the basics of enabling Office 365, and learn how to integrate Workspace ONE with Azure AD for delivering a rich user experience on any app, on any device, at any time. This session will focus on the reasons why the supporting configuration is necessary and, more importantly, how it is implemented in a live environment with a real-time demonstration. Learn from end-user computing architects in VMware Customer Success about how use cases such as complex multifactor authentication conditioning, unified app cataloging, and cross-platform data loss protection have been successfully deployed at scale today, and how you can enable this and more for your digital workspace.

Ryan Costello, Sr. Staff EUC Architect, VMware
Matt Williams, Customer Success Architect, VMware

So there you have it

On these 5 days of VMworld, Either US or Barcelona, you will be topped off with new knowledge, ideas and maybe new vFriends to meet up with on your next VMworld. Are you going alone? Do not be shy to talk to other people! The vCommunity is very open!

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