Which aspects should I focus on when I want to buy a drone?

Which aspects should I focus on when I want to buy a drone?

 You can use a drone in different ways. Among others, drones can be used for inspecting airplanes, to deliver packages or to make video’s of a house by a broker. However, these are mainly professional applications of drones. Drones are also bought a lot by people who just want to make nice movies of the surroundings or just for fun as a toy.

When you’re planning to buy a drone for the first time, we can imagine it is difficult for you to know how you should make a choice between all the different models there are. Below you can find a few aspects which can differ between drones:

  1. Battery: some drones have a battery which will make a flight of 25-30 minutes possible, but other ones just can fly about 5 minutes.
  1. Not only the strength of the battery can differ, but also the charging time of the battery can be different. Some batteries are already charged in 15 minutes, while other batteries have to be charged for 60-90 minutes. In general you can say that how stronger the battery is, how longer it will take to charge that battery.
  1. The range of the drone: the more professional drones have a greater range than the smaller, cheaper drones. Some drones have a range of a few kilometers, while the smaller drones have a range of 20-30 meters.
  1. Does the drone have a camera or not? If you want to make some nice video-recordings you will need a drone with a camera. Between the drones, which have a camera, there are also some differences. For some drones the camera is integrated in the front of the drone, for other drones the camera hangs below the drone.
  1. Quality of the camera. The drones which have a camera can differ on the aspect of the quality of the camera. Some camera’s can shoot with a HD quality (720P), but the most innovative camera’s can even record in 4K quality (3840P). Not all the drones which have a camera can both make video-recordings as well as pictures. Some of these drones can only make pictures, so pay attention to that.
  1. The control of the drone. There are two ways of controlling the drone: by a controller or by an app via your smartphone or tablet. In general the app can be downloaded for free. There are also some drones which can be controlled via both a controller and an app on your smartphone or tablet. An example of such a drone is the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced.

As you can see there are multiple factors which can make one drone different from another one. Make a decision about which factors you think are important for the way you want to use the drone and compare the drones on those factors. We wish you good luck with choosing your drone!


A dutch version of a great article to help you select the right drone can be found at dronechecker.nl


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