Workspace ONE UEM and user Privacy concerns

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In the many VMware Workspace ONE projects I have done in the past, I always got the following question from the end user:  “What about what the company can see of my device when I am managed with Workspace ONE?”

Privacy concerns can slow down the adoption of any Workspace ONE project. The fundamentals are that you as a Company are doing this to improve the user experience. But there is always a cost. What is the trade-off? Well with a simple change in Workspace ONE UEM, users can see for their selves what is being monitored on their devices and what is not.

Your Privacy Matters

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub only collects information that is required to provide secure corporate access and with the privacy app, users can see what is actually happening on their devices.

Once enabled, iOS and Android Devices will get automagically a new icon with a blue hand called privacy.

When you open it, it opens a device-specific page that shows what is going on with your device.

What we cannot see, What we collect, and How we can protect you.

Here a user can see and click through all that is happening when your device is managed with Workspace ONE.

How to configure

Within Workspace ONE UEM, Go to Group Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > General > Privacy. There, enable the “User Friendly Privacy Notice” setting.

And then select what type of devices you want to have the Privacy notices enabled.

Now on iOS and Android, a new shortcut will appear automagically.

Now the users can view the Privacy settings being applied on their device.

Windows and macOS

If you want this on Windows and Mac. Create a weblink via UEM with the following URL:

Within Workspace ONE UEM, Go to Group Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > Windows > Intelligent Hub. Under Privacy, enable the “Show Privacy Screen”

VMware Privacy Program

Another great resource is the VMware Privacy Program.

The personal data VMware collects, and processes varies depending on which services you purchase. Read through the privacy datasheets and UEM disclosure to discover the personal information VMware processes in relation to its service offerings.

When you are working on your internal due diligence this can be a great resource for all information regarding data collection within VMware Products.


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